Keiko Kishimoto photo

Keiko Kishimoto (IFPA, IIHHT, MICH)

Keiko was born and brought up in Japan, where she lived until she decided to travel to England to enhance her cultural knowledge and experiences.

She has been always interested in the link between the mind and body, also the concept of holistic care. Experiences of living in no motherland gave her opportunities to face this subject more and the cultural differences inspired her to study and learn about holistic treatments and ways in which she could help others realise their own inner potential.

Since she started her training as a holistic therapist she has been always seeking to increase her skill and knowledge. Her continuing studies enable her to explore many more different types of treatments and therapies. She worked for several years as a therapist at one of the most prestigious Spa and five-star hotel in Bath as well as with her own clients; her aim now is to offer a truly holistic approach to all of her work, combining both Eastern and Western techniques. Her treatments bring tranquillity and relaxation as well as physical and mental well being, so much more than just a massage!


Advanced Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and Oriental Diagnosis (ITHMA)
Advanced Certificate in aromatherapy and massage in Pregnancy (ITHMA)
Diploma in Swedish body massage( VTCT, IIHHT)
Diploma in Aromatherapy ( VTCT, IIHHT)
Diploma in Level 4 Sports & Remedial Massage
Certificate in Hands Free Massage
Diploma in Reflexology ( VTCT, IIHHT)
Diploma in Indian Head massage( VTCT, IIHHT)
Diploma in Stone therapy ( VTCT, IIHHT )
Certificate in Thermal Auricular Therapy ( VTCT, IIHHT )
Manual lymphatic drainage - basic body & therapy 1 (Dr Vodder Schule)
Diploma in Natural Face lift massage
Maternity reflexology - Part 1 & Part 2
Diploma in Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM (Instituto de Reflexologia)
Diploma in Japanese Cosmo Lifting (Instituto de Reflexologia)
Usui Reiki - 3rd Degree
Jikiden Reiki- Shoden, Okuden
Aura-Soma Colour Therapy, Advanced
Certificate in Emergency first aid (St. John Ambulance)
* Fully insured